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 We offer two types of classes through the Outside the Box Program:


1) Classes offered at our OTB Center in Woodland Hills (see Center Registration in the left margin)

2) Pre-paid field classes (See OTB Sessions and Field Registration in the left margin). These are 8 consecutive classes hosted in someone's home or at a facility/venue.

Please see the left margin for more information on both types of classes offered.   



 "Outside the Box" (OTB) is an educational and developmental program consisting of facilitated classes which focus on brain  development for infants, toddlers, and young children through multi-sensory stimulation and specialized learning techniques.  Focus is placed on cognitive development and reached through playful and fun activities which foster attachment and bonding and create neural synapse activity the brain.   We play with a purpose!  


At OTB, our goal is to teach you how to teach your child! OTB is a unique program to enhance your infant, toddler and young child's early educational development through learning, interaction, and experience.

Parents are the essential part of the developmental equation to their child's brain. Infants prefer human stimuli . . YOUR face, YOUR voice, YOUR touch, and even YOUR smell - - over everything else. They innately orient to the faces of those around them most and would rather listen to the sound of your voice singing than any other kind of sound.


Most people don’t realize that in the first year of life, 75% of the nerve pathway in the brain is developed, with 90% percent being developed within the first three years.  You truly are the "architect" of your child's brain!!   At OTB, we teach YOU how to "build"!


We are not a "Mommy & Me" class by definition, and although we are playing, we are not an open play group either.  Rather, we are an educational program with learning goals and objectives in place.  This is the perfect program for parents who wish to be instrumental in their child's early learning and development, and who are willing to invest the time and effort that it takes to implement learning tools for future learning potential.  This is a hands-on class where the parents are the teachers. 


Everything we do, we do for the future!  We now know that the brain's plasticity state lasts and continues to evolve.  In OTB classes, we take advantage of the brain's ability to learn and grow, and we make it a goal to get the brain thinking, learning, and problem solving early so that the process comes easier in later stages of life.  We are not trying to create a super-human race of babies, however, we are wholeheartedly invested in helping children develop into responsible, quick learning, emotionally stable, free thinking adults!  Come join us for the journey!



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